Mechanical Contractors

Process Piping

We provide services in all types of piping circumstances. Whether the job is installing a high pressure steam boiler to commercial hot water heaters and or hot water boilers. Installing a 1/2' back flow preventers to 4 '' back flow preventers. Water chillers, swamp coolers, and Cooling towers. Piping of compressed air, water/steam, gases, hydraulics, grease and vacuum.

​Railing systems

We offer our ability to provide customers with rail systems for handling and storage purposes. Slick rail systems for clothes outgoing from the Dry-cleaning machine to production areas. Install railing inside mobile transportation vehicles for routes provided by our customers. A hoist to lift heavy bags of garments onto a gravity fed  I-beam rails to the desired piece of equipment controlled by air operated switches. The garments stored above allows our customers to utilize their entire production area to the fullest. We can turn your warehouse into a multi-tiered garment storage facility with cat walks.

Conveyor Systems

Installation of conveyor systems for the garment industry. Whether the conveyor is for Dry-cleaning plants, retail stores, valet services, coat check for banquet halls, correctional facilities, gaming industry, hotels or simply to move boxes from the first floor to the second floor. Up-down conveyor, floor mounted conveyors, double tier conveyors, sorting conveyors, belt conveyors.

Sheet Metal/ Air handling equipment

Highly experience in air handling equipment, such as exhaust stacks for boilers, swamp coolers with adjustable air flow direction, mechanical and electrical  louvers to be interlock with equipment that requires additional make up air. Install up-blast, wall and/or hooded fans to exhaust heat from tool/die shops, commercial and industry garment industries.

Internal Boiler inspection/ CSD-1 test

We offer a service for Internal Boiler inspection, which the process consist of removing all clean out hand holes, flue passage, burner assembly on certain manufacturer, remove/ clean water probes.The process must be performed in front of a state or insurance inspection arranged by the customer or T&S Mechanical Inc. if requested. We are certified by the state of Michigan to perform CSD-1 testing on high/low pressure boilers.


Supplies the customers with a carefree handling of the equipment that is to be installed.


Platforms or floor supported stands for hot water boilers (picture illustrated above), platforms for cooling tower tanks and pump hanging from the rafters to clear up floor space. I-beam framework to support chillers located on a roof.


We build and design plants for all of our industries we serve to improve their production and quality in the work place. 


We specialize in providing quality services in process piping, rail systems, conveyor systems, and sheet metal. ​